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Joseph Valenti, MD, board member of the Physicians Foundation, explains the extent to which social determinants negatively impact healthcare in this STAT article. Further, he delves into healthcare through the lens of poverty as it is addressed in "Poverty and the Myths of Health Care Reform," authored by the late Richard "Buz" Cooper, MD, and commissioned by the Physicians Foundation.

This piece in KevinMD explores the reasons behind the impending physician shortage. The article cites the growth in burnout and dissatisfaction rates among practicing physicians as found in the 2016 Physicians Survey and offers solutions to combat physician burnout.  

The Associated Press reports that although there has not been a declining interest in medicine since the ACA took effect, a shift in the way physicians are paid, paperwork requirements and Medicare are leading factors for physician discontent, according to the Physicians Foundation 2016 Biennial Physician Survey.

In this Medical Economics article, Ripley Hollister, MD, shares insight on the challenges to creating price lists for patients and how physicians can overcome them. For physicians shifting from independent practices to those in larger networks, the pricing structure is out of their hands. According to the Physicians Foundation 2016 Biennial Physician Survey, only about 33% of practicing physicians are independent practice owners or partners.

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