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October 2, 2017

Click here to view Walker Ray, MD, and Tim Norbeck’s contributor channel sharing a physician perspective on key U.S. healthcare issues.



Tim Norbeck, CEO, Physicians Foundation, debunks two myths in the discussion of health care costs in America: that physicians' incomes are too high and that they are the cause of rising health care costs.

Lou Goodman, Board member of the Physicians Foundation and CEO of the Texas Medical Association, spoke with Athena Health about the rise of administrators in healthcare.

In this NJ Spotlight article, Joseph Valenti, M.D., and Larry Downs, board members of the Physicians Foundation, reflect on poverty's link to healthcare access and costs in New Jersey. Further, they discuss the insights on this subject from the book by Richard "Buz" Cooper, M.D., “Poverty and the Myths of Health Care Reform."

Physicians Foundation board members Joe Valenti, MD, of Denton, and Louis J. Goodman, PhD, Texas Medical Association's (TMA) executive vice president and chief operating officer, presented a check for $500,000 at the 2017 TMA Fall Conference to support a TMA relief program that aims to assist thousands of Texas physician practices damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Harvey recover and reopen to care for patients as quickly as possible.

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