Grants to Advance the Work of Practicing Physicians


The Physicians Foundation is pleased to offer grant opportunities to qualified organizations seeking to advance the work of practicing physicians and improve the delivery and quality of patient care. The initiatives supported through our grants have successfully assisted physicians across a wide range of practice settings in addressing clinical and operational challenges.


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Physician Shortage

September 27, 2017

Certificate Program in Physician Leadership The Center for a Healthy Maryland (the Center) will seek to improve and expand the Certificate Program in Physician Leadership (the Program), established through the Maryland Physician Leadership Institute in its prior Physicians Foundation grant, over a two year period (2017-2019). The hybrid format (online and face to face) developed for the prior grant and...

Initiative to develop an open source, web-based projection model to estimate whether current and future physician supplies will meet population healthcare needs at the state and national levels In 2011, the Physicians Foundation awarded a grant to The Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) to develop a web-based project...

January 1, 2010

Initiative to expand and deepen Health Lead's core model of providing services that will improve the health of poor and disadvantaged patients and families Over the next four years, Health Leads plans major expansions in its work. It will grow ninefold the number of patients assisted successfully, hoping to create 25,000 more resource connections for vulnerable patients than if the...