Key Trends in Healthcare Affecting Physicians


The Physicians Foundation seeks to advance the work of practicing physicians by exploring the latest healthcare trends and focusing on five key areas that the Foundation believes are most impacting doctors. These areas include: healthcare reform, physician practice trends, physician leadership, physician shortage and health information technology.


Identifying Emerging Healthcare Trends and Insights


In identifying emerging healthcare trends and insights related to each of these five areas, the goal of the Foundation is, first, to help address the core challenges facing doctors and their practice of medicine and second, to find the best solutions to improve healthcare delivery – both now and into the future.

Healthcare Reform

We provide physicians with critical resources to help them understand the future and impact of healthcare reform.

Physician Shortage

We provide both research and grant dollars to better assess our nation’s supply of physicians, to help ensure that the current and future needs of all patients are met.

Physician Practice Trends

We research and map the key trends, emerging issues and latest changes in healthcare that impact how physicians practice, to help them deliver quality care to their patients.

Physician Leadership

We help physicians build leadership skills that drive toward healthcare excellence, with a larger goal of addressing and solving the core issues facing doctors.

Health IT

We carefully watch the latest emerging trends relative to healthcare IT, with a focus on demonstrating the practical use of health information technology to improve healthcare delivery.