• New Forbes Op-Ed on Who’s Benefiting the Most from the ACA

    The latest Forbes post by Lou Goodman, president of The Physicians Foundation, and Tim Norbeck, CEO, explains why healthcare is a great investment for insurance and pharmaceutical companies, but not for physicians. Read the full post here.

  • The Physicians Foundation Releases 2014 Watch List: Key Issues to Impact Practicing Physicians in the Year Ahead

    The Physicians Foundation has identified five key areas that will have major effects on practicing physicians and their ability / capacity to deliver the professional, high quality and compassionate care for which they are trained in 2014.

  • The Physicians Foundation Releases New White Paper: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act From Theory to Boots on the Ground

    The Physicians Foundation released the first installment in a series of reports on ACA coverage expansion and key mandates. The report, titled "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act From Theory to Boots on the Ground," examines implementation of key provisions - in particular the health insurance exchanges - and ongoing challenges of health reform.

  • The Foundation Commissions One of the Largest Physician Surveys Ever Undertaken in the U.S.

    The Physicians Foundation conducted one of the largest physician surveys ever undertaken in the U.S. to provide doctors with a clear voice on the most pressing issues facing our nation regarding the delivery of healthcare. The survey examines physician morale, practice patterns, patient accessibility and career plans.


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Healthcare Reform

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