• The Impact of Evolving Physician Medical Practices on Patient Care

    The Physicians Foundation held a roundtable event in Washington, D.C. regarding the impact of evolving physician medical practices on patient care. The video features a lively exchange with practicing physicians, from diverse geographic locations and practice settings, on the most pressing challenges facing doctors today and how they are working to shore up the patient – physician relationship. Check out the video on our YouTube channel here.

  • The 2014 Biennial Physician Survey

    The Physicians Foundation's 2014 Survey of America's Physicians is one of the largest and most comprehensive physician surveys in the U.S. This research surveyed more than 20,000 doctors on a range of issues, including professional morale, doctor shortages, Medicare / Medicaid participate rates, EMR patterns and more. Take a look at the full report here.

  • How Will Shifting Payment Models Impact Physicians?

    In a recent Bloomberg article, Lou Goodman, president of The Physicians Foundation, shares his thoughts on the government’s shift in payment models, and how it may impact specialists. Read the full story here.

  • Physicians Sentiment on the ACA

    In a recent Healthline article, Dr. Valenti, Board Member of The Physicians Foundation, comments on the impact of the ACA on payments and physician practices. Read the full story here.


Our Mission: To advance the work of practicing physicians and help facilitate the delivery of healthcare to patients.

Focus Areas

Healthcare Reform

We provide physicians with critical resources to help them understand the impact of healthcare reform and legislative changes.

Practice Trends

We research and map the key trends and changes impacting how physicians practice to help deliver quality care to patients.

Physician Leadership

We help physicians build leadership skills that drive both healthcare excellence and improvements in future healthcare delivery.

Physician Shortage

We are continuously assessing the supply of physicians to ensure that the current and future needs of all patients are met.

Health IT

We focus on demonstrating the practical use of health information technology for improving healthcare delivery.