• The Physicians Foundation Launches New Interactive Physician Workforce Model

    The Physicians Foundation and Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill launched a new innovative tool to help policy makers, physicians and health systems better plan where to practice and what type of practitioners will be needed in order to meet the growing utilization of healthcare in the United States.

  • New Forbes Op-Ed by The Foundation Examines Physician / Patient Feedback on Healthcare Landscape

    The latest Forbes post by Lou Goodman, president of the Physicians Foundation, and Tim Norbeck, CEO, examines recent focus groups with patients and physicians. The focus groups explored key insights relative to physicians transitioning from independent practices to employed settings and how this is impacting patients. Read the full piece here.

  • The Physicians Foundation Releases 2nd White Paper Examining PPACA

    The Physicians Foundation released the second installment in a series of reports on the Affordable Care Act coverage expansion and mandates. The report titled, "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Beyond the Horizon into 2015,"examines both the opportunities and challenges of the ACA going forward and how these issues are of particular importance to practicing physicians.

  • The Foundation's 2014 Biennial Physician Survey Is Underway

    The Physicians Foundation is currently surveying physicians about their practice patterns and perspectives on the state of healthcare. Click the link below to share your thoughts on the most pressing issues facing the U.S. healthcare system. Your voice matters! Respondents who decide to include an email address will be entered to win a $10,000 travel voucher, $2,000 Apple voucher or iPad Air.


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